Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Empty Porch Swing

Sometimes when people think of homesteading, they seem to think of sitting on a porch swing drinking a nice cup of hot tea – enjoying the simple life. But in reality the simple life is rather complicated, though very enjoyable.

Water only runs from your faucet if you remember to turn the pump on, only if the water pipes that you buried don't freeze, only if the pump doesn't brake down, and only if there isn't a leak in the pipe that empties the water tank. The house is only warm if you cut down trees, split firewood, stack wood-piles, and make sure the fire in the wood-stove doesn't burn out. The lights only turn on if it's been sunny, or if you charge the batteries with the generator. You only have fruit and vegetables in winter if you preserve them in summer or grow winter greens. Bread, pasta, tortillas, English muffins, bagels, and crackers are only at your finger-tips if you first make them from scratch.

We quickly found out that the simple life is not really that simple. However, it is rewarding, it does bond families, it is enjoyable, you know that you're producing good food, and you are living the dream life

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